How to become a verified writer in Wordapp

Verified writer

The perks of being a verified writer

Once you have written 30 tasks on at least 3 projects, you will become a verified writer in Wordapp. Verified writers have a lot of perks:

  • First to know about new projects.
  • Lifetime active account: Just login and work whenever you need to.
  • Regular payments.

Getting started in Wordapp

  • Step 1: Login using the details from the e-mail we sent you.
  • Step 2: Select a task and click open.
    • If you have been assigned a project from or similar, choose a task from that project.
  • Step 3: Write two tasks and get them approved (you can check the status of each text in “my tasks)
  • Step 4. Finish your remaining 28 tasks within 30 days* from this e-mail, be sure to check out the bonuses here.

*This applies only to A-languages as there are a lot of writers applying and we wish to give the spot to people that really need the money. 

Why 30 texts?

It takes about 30 texts* on minimum 3 projects before writers in A-languages get productive in Wordapp and an additional 100 texts before they start rocking. We obviously work very hard to simplify the app, but we are not there yet.

*In the middle of July you will be able to check your hourly rate and compare it to others on projects using “my analytics”.

Productivity increase users June 8th
Productivity data June 8th, 2016 - updated regularly - click for zoom


Wordapp is a free word-processing platform that makes it simple and fast to write or source any type of text. If you have questions, you can check our FAQ, join a workshop or use the live chat to contact us. Most new Wordappers want to know:

How I get paid?

We pay regurlarly for all texts that have been accepted by the publisher. 

What happens after I submit a text?

After you submit a text it is automatically checked by a plagiarism scan. Then an editor looks at your text to make sure there are no spelling/grammar mistakes, that you have followed the instructions and that the tone is correct. After the editor submits a text there is a publisher who gives the final ‘okay’. Editors are promoted based on their quality score, publishers are provided by the clients.

Is there more work?

Definitely! We do our best to give all our verified writers regular work, that is also why people that don’t become verified don’t get an active account. There is only so much work.

When you are a verified writer

Once you are a verified writer you will see all available tasks in your language and you can work as much or as little as you want on all tasks in Wordapp, your account is life time active, no strings attached.

Bronze, silver, gold and elite Wordappers

As your experience level increases from verified to bronze, silver, gold or elite Wordapper you get even more perks such as:

  • No payment fees.
  • Premium texts.
  • Booking tasks*.
  • Offline projects such as translation.
  • Create your own projects with your own team for free*.
  • Learn how to do keyword research. Read our case here.

*We are updating Wordapp every two weeks, but these are not available yet.

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