Why Wordapp

Without Wordapp

A writer or editor spends 55% of their time on admin, rather than directly on writing / editing quality content.

With Wordapp

A writer or editor spends all their time on writing / editing great content, not having to worry about all the admin.

  • Get a content job
    Time spent 26%
  • Understand instructions
    Time spent 3%
  • Check keyword density
    Time spent 2%
  • Check lengths or size
    Time spent 2%
  • HTML formating
    Time spent 3%
  • Select internal links
    Time spent 2%
  • Submit text & get feedback
    Time spent 5%
  • Get feedback & resubmit
    Time spent 3%
  • Rewrite copied content
    Time spent 3%
  • Get paid
    Time spent 5%
Why WA-04
  • Do research

    Without Wordapp time spent 6%
    Wordapp time spent 14%

  • Write or edit text

    Without Wordapp time spent 39%
    Wordapp time spent 86%

Why WA-05

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