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Frequently Asked Questions

How to install spell check?

We are working on integrating spell check in over 100 languages. Please make sure you follow these instructions to install your spell check.

What do I do when keywords are wrong / rules don’t work?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one this happens to. Wordapp is a very strict system; it is one of the strengths since you can never submit a text that has SEO technical mistakes, but it can make it hard at times as well.

Examples can be misspelled keywords, keyword requirements that make a text “too long,” etc.

Please “Flag” tasks by clicking the “return” button. When you flag a task it goes back to the Project Manager in charge of the project. While you wait, you can continue on other tasks.

I got a task returned, now what?

Don’t worry! It’s very normal to get tasks returned and doesn’t affect your progress at all if it is limited. Please follow the instructions from the editor, learn from the mistakes, correct the task and re-submit it to the editor. Quality is extremely important in Wordapp, so if you get many tasks back your Quality Score will decrease. Always make sure you understand the instructions and that you proofread your own text before submitting.

What do I do when I don't agree with the feedback of the editor?

We’re all human, so sometimes an editor makes a mistake too. Please flag the task by opening the task and clicking: return >flag. In the comment explain why you don’t agree with the editor. The PM will review your dispute together with one of the (other) country managers and help you out. While the task is flagged, you can continue working on other tasks.

Why is a task already written when I open it?

Sometimes when you open a task you see that most/all of the text has already been written. The reason is that another writer tried writing this but dropped the task. You can simply finish the text and submit it to the editor. If you have questions please reach out via the Live Chat.

Why is the task I was working on dropped after 24 hours?

We automatically drop accepted tasks if they have not been submitted within 24 hours. The reason for this is that we want to give everyone a chance to work on available tasks and speed up the delivery of tasks.

Can I also work in other languages?

Sure thing! If you are native in any other languages, please feel free to contact us at to request another langauge. We will walk you through the process of setting up you up in your other new language. After that you will see tasks in the new language in your task feed!

My task got returned by Copyscape, but I didn't copy anything!

Please flag the task by opening it, clicking return > flag and explaining it in the comments. The PM will double check it manually and submit the task to the editor in your name if there is no plagiarism. While you wait for a decision, you can continue on other tasks.

What's my role as an editor?

As an editor in Wordapp you edit texts, not just proof them. We have created a checklist to make sure you know what to do.

What do I do when a keyword is misspelled?

Please send the task back to the writer and explain them how to flag the task so that the PM can fix it. While this takes a little more time now, it is important that we catch mistakes in the project setup as soon as possible, so it is important to teach the writer. 

The writer is not improving after feedback, what do I do?

This is quite important 🙂 First off, please reflect and question whether your feedback has been clear (enough), if there is any chance you can help the writer succeed, please do so! After that you have several options:

  • Write us in the Live Chat, we can reach out to the writer if he/she is online and help them
  • Flag the task with the comment ‘#not improving’ so that we can take a look at the writer
  • Flag the task as ‘non-native’ when you feel there is really no chance for this writer to continue as a writer in this language

What do I do when I don't want to be an editor?

Please write us in the Live Chat if you don’t want to see editing tasks anymore so that we can filter them for you! 

Why is a task I was working on dropped after 24 hours?

We automatically drop accepted tasks if they have not been submitted within 24 hours. The reason for this is that we want to give everyone a chance to work on available tasks and speed up the delivery of tasks.

What do I do when I don't agree with feedback from the publisher?

We’re all human, so publishers make mistakes too. Please flag the task by opening it, clicking return > flag and explaining why you don’t agree with the publisher feedback in the comments. A PM will review your comments and take action. While you wait for feedback, you can continue on other tasks.

How can I be sure my content is 100% unique?

Don’t you worry, we have got that covered. Before a writer can submit the text they have written, the text is scanned by Copyscape, a Google-approved tool for checking online duplicate content.

Copyscape checks the content against the entire Internet to make sure there’s no duplicate content anywhere on the web.

How do I access my published texts?

As a publisher, you can access all your projects in your “my projects” section. Find more information on this here.

How do you guarantee quality?

Wordapp has build in checks for SEO technical rules like keyword density, long-tail keyword usage, word/character count, formatting of the text and alt-tags.

Quality in terms of tone is something we do in collaboration with you. As a publisher you can reject texts and give feedback that directly goes to the editor who worked on the text so that the text in question + future texts are according to your wishes.

Can I add more publishers to my project?

Most definitely! We actually encourage having 2-3 publishers on each project. Please ask additional publishers to sign up via the publisher sign up form or by e-mailing info[at]

What do I do when I notice a keyword or one of the rules is wrong?

All rules in Wordapp (keywords, keyword density, character count, word count, etc.) are managed by the project owner. Editors can’t change these. 

If you have feedback on one of the rules, please flag the task by clicking the “send back” button. You will then send the task to the Pr0ject Manager.

You can also ask the PM to give you rights to overwrite the rules, which is often the preferred way to solve minor issues.

The rules are preventing me from making changes to the text

The PM can give you, as a publisher, rights to overwrite rules on a per-project basis. Please flag a task and ask for the rules on the project to be turned off for you.

How do I connect Wordapp to .....?

Wordapp integrates with Zapier‘s automated workflow system that makes it easy and fast to integrate with many other tools. We are actively working on other 3rd party integrations for WordPress, Joomla, Magento and other CMS. If you have any requests please reach out in the Live Chat.

How do I connect my app to Wordapp?

For integrations, please reach out via the Live Chat. We offer support for many new 3rd party applications. Any and all new 3rd party applications have to be reviewed and approved by our developed team before they can be connected.

I found a problem/bug/security concern, who do I contact?

We take any problems very serious, please reach out via the Live Chat!

How do I get paid?

Read the full details on getting paid here.

Getting paid as a freelancer

Balances over 50 EUR are paid weekly to Skrill, where verified writers who make at least 250 EUR don’t pay any fees. We use your contact email as Skrill contact. If you want to change your payment e-mail please reach out via the Live Chat or 

Getting paid as a company

Companies can invoice us. Invoices are paid once a month for amounts of minimum 500 EUR. More info on the payments page.

You can reach out to if you want to start invoicing us, please include your: username, company name, company registration number and tax number.

The future of payments in Wordapp

We strive to bring down the payment cycle to 24 hours in the near future where you can withdraw pending balance from your profile.

I didn't submit my task yet, is my work saved?

Absolutely! Tasks that have not been submitted yet are saved for 24 hours. After 24 hours the task is automatically dropped and reset so that we give other writers the chance to work on it too.

I forgot my password, how do I get a new one?

Please submit a password reset in the Live Chat. We will need your e-mail address or username. Your new password will be send to the e-mail address we have on file. You can set your own password in your profile (login required).

How do I order content from Wordapp?

Please sign up as a publisher or contact us in the Live Chat!

You guys are awesome, can I join you full-time?

Thanks, we’d love to have you! We currently have open positions in Istanbul, check out

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