Wordapp Publisher - How to get started

1. How to succeed as a Publisher in Wordapp

As a Wordapp Publisher you have full control over the ordered texts. You are responsible for ensuring the quality, teaching the texts’ tone and setting the speed of the project.

Quick start

  • Get answers to our most frequently asked questions in the FAQ
  • Use the live chat if you have any other questions

General information Wordapp

As the Publisher you see exactly the same texts as the Writers and Editors.

General instructions and USP:

On the left side of the screen.

Template item Instructions:

Describes what should be in each paragraph

Template item Rules:

Wordapp is a strict system, this means that any of the (keyword) rules cannot be broken by Writers/Editors. You, as a publisher, are the only person who can break them… If you break a rule it will be marked red so you see that you broke it, but you can still approve the text if you want to.

Flag a task:

In the ‘Return’ button you have the option to Flag a task. Use this if you have feedback on instructions or rules. The text will go back to your Project Manager.

Plagiarism check:

All texts are checked by Copyscape, a Google approved tool for checking online duplicate content.

Wordapp Publisher role

Your role as a Wordapp Publisher is to approve the texts that are delivered by the Editors and to guarantee the text’s quality. As soon as you approve a task, the payment for the Writer and Editor become available (and they love that, which means they will write more on your project!).

Making changes yourself

You can make changes yourself that will be saved in the text. This is especially easy when there are minor issues with the text that you feel are not worth ‘returning’ for quality issues.

Return to the Editor

If you have feedback on the content, for example, it has a lot of spelling mistakes or the tone is wrong, you can send it back to the Editor with feedback on what needs to be changed. Please be nice in your feedback. Before sending your first task back, please contact your Project Manager so you can look at it together, or Flag it with your feedback. Do not send texts back because of issues with Rules or Instructions since the Editor cannot make changes on those.

Approving tasks

If everything is good you click on the ‘Approve’ button.

I love it!

The “ I love it!” button is for texts you really like. This will boost your Writer’s and Editor’s quality score so they get more of your texts in their Task feed. These texts will also be used as the Sample texts so that everyone working on your tasks will see what a really good text looks like.

Approval limit

Your Project Manager will put an Approval limit on your tasks. This mean that if the limit is 10 and you have 10 texts to approve the other tasks will be paused for the Writers and Editors. When you approve tasks they will be un-paused again. The faster you approve tasks the faster all your tasks will be done. It is useful to make a habit to of checking your feed a few times a day.


Task status

Under your name you have a dropdown menu. Under ‘Projects’ you will see a list of all projects that you are a Publisher on. If you click on the folder in the ‘Project type’ bar you will see the status of all your tasks. You can also download them as a .TXT one-by-one if you have already approved them.
Getting ready to upload your published tasks to your website
In the project overview you can download your texts as .CSV and .XML. You will also find a link with instructions on how to use the files if this is new to you.

2. Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ page gives an answer to our most frequently asked questions and is updated regularly.

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