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How to succeed as a writer in Wordapp

As a freelance writer in Wordapp your job is to submit a perfect text according to instructions, without any spelling or grammar mistakes.

Only write in your native language and install spellcheck before you get started.

The spellcheck might not catch all words, typos or grammar mistakes so always read your text through before you submit it. By reading it out loud, you will also detect long or complicated sentences and repetition. Switch to ‘Preview’ mode and read your text once more to check on the flow of your text and to get a better overview of how it will look.

Just getting started?

Join one of our Webinars where we go through common questions and best practices. Also, please to check out our FAQ section.

Don’t hesitate to get started by yourself though — it’s easy!

  1. Make sure you read all the instructions, you will find them in the left sidebar, template items and the Sample Content URL.
    – Source URL is a similar text that you can use for inspiration and research
    – Target URL is where your text will be published, might have information and/or pictures to help you write your text
    – Sample Content is for idea’s on style and content. These have all been accepted by the clients.
    – Domain URL is the site you are writing for
  2. Persona is your target group. Make sure you adjust your tone accordingly. You are writing for the web, but what type of content is it? Are you trying to sell something, give information or encourage an action?
  3. Invest the time in reading the ‘how to’ guide it will save you time in the long run since you learn how an experienced writer does the job fast and correct
  4. Once you’re done, click submit! Your text will pass through a plagiarism scanner, if it passes it will automatically go to an editor.
Always ask yourself:
"If it was my own website, would I put this text up? If the answer is anything other than YES, you need to keep working on your text."

The “template” and “rules”

The template and its instructions are designed to help everyone who is good at their language write a great text that fulfills all “SEO” rules necessary to make the text work on the web. If a rule is still red you can’t submit your text, fix it and it will turn green.

Some explanation on the rules:

Character count / Word count

  • Min: the minimum count
  • Max: the maximum count
    • If max is empty there is no maximum
  • Current: the current count

Keyword rules

  • Min and Max
  • Current: the current count, we pre-publish the minimum amount of keywords necessary
  • Exact: write exactly as given
  • Stem: instead of e.g. “bike”, you can also write: bikes, biker, etc.

Select keywords

  • Select one of the given keywords of your choice
  • Min: minimum keywords you must pick and use
  • Max: maximum keywords you must pick and use
  • Current: the current count

Getting feedback

As a new writer you will most likely get feedback on your texts. Listen to this feedback, if you can avoid making the same mistakes in the future you will be faster and have a higher hourly rate. The editor is sending feedback in order to help and guide you.

Some Feedback reasons:

  • Tone means that your text is not according to the tone of the client’s website.
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes (typo’s and minor mistakes are obviously fixed by the editor)
  • Fillers e.g. talking a lot without saying anything, just to hit the minimum word count
  • Structure is similar to fillers, if you didn’t make a plan for your text or follow the instructions for each paragraph your text will not give a good impression

Feedback affects your level, which in turn dictates your task feed. By following the guidelines you also prevent being flagged as ‘not native’ which will lead to you not being able to work in Wordapp anymore.

Flagging tasks

By flagging a task you can send it back to the Project Manager. Reasons can be:

  • Wrong/misspelled keywords in the template
  • Rules not working
  • Anything else preventing you from ‘finishing’ a text

Always flag tasks if anything in the template forcefully prevents you from completing the task.

“Helping” the system like this is good for your quality score.

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